Vince Madison

Vince began his career as a guitarist. Then as a sophmore in college, decided to master the piano, because it would be a better vehicle for his true interest , composing.

Vince graduated Denver University with a music composition degree. He then set out to New York, where he broke into the NYC studio scene, doing session work for labels such as Tommy Boy, Elektra and Polygram. In contrast to Dreamland, his work at this point was for rap and R&B artists, playing keyboard parts and programming synthesizers.

Vince has added his talent to numerous recordings for other artists, and written dozens of songs in search of that elusive "hit". But with Dreamland, he decided to stop worrying about what was hip or the latest rage, an d just write from the heart. Ironically, the CD has already far surpassed his previous efforts in terms of sales!

Vince has bypassed the whole traditional record company game, and taken his music directly to the people with his new record company, Firefly Records. This past December, when Dreamland was first released, he started playing the m usic live in shopping malls. The response was astounding. People would stop dead in their tracks, listen, then come up and want to buy a CD, sometimes with tears in their eyes! The success of Dreamland has enabled Vince to pursue his own original music as a full time career. He'll be appearing in shopping malls and at arts festivals in Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas.

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