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Echo Bay brings an exciting and refreshing sound to the musical community. The music is mostly instumental, some vocal, all original and has a Latin influence mixed with hints of jazz and folk. Instruments like the acoustic guitars, bass, piano, drums and percussion help convey the passion in Echo Bay's music. They usually perform as a sextet. Depending on the venue, they are expandable to include a cellist, and/or a sax player.


Vic Garcia

was born and raised in the south Texas town of San Diego where his father was an educator and his mother a homemaker.  Through their support, patience and understanding he was able to pursue his musical dream. Vic became introduced to the acoustic guitar at the age of 10.  His first guitar teachers were the nuns at his local parish.  He also took private lessons in fingerstyle jazz and folkstyles.  While in high school, Vic was the resident guitar player for all the choir and music programs.  He also became introduced to the trombone at age 12.  By graduation time, he had played trombone in the concert, marching and jazz bands.  Vic attended college with an emphasis in music composition.  He continued playing trombone with one of the jazz bands and also studied classical guitar with Javier Calderon.  Vic credits his first music/band teachers for exposing him to the most basic rudiments of music and the appreciation of this art.  Special credit goes to Teo Garcia who shared and instilled her passion and conviction of music with him.  Vic now resides in the Boulder, Colorado area.


Roberto Farias

was born & raised in his home town of Mission, Texas, located in the Rio Grande Valley. His father was a laborer and a musician, and his mother a homemaker. He attended college with an emphasis in music theory. Roberto's guitar talents were inspired and taught to him by his father. Now residing in the Boulder, Colorado area, Roberto credits his new surroundings to create today's compositions.





Kevin D. Reed, Sr.

was born in Salina, Kansas.  His mother worked in the professional clerical field and his father was in the Air Force.  Kevin lived most of his life in Detroit, Michigan.  While living there, he started playing clarinet at the age of 8 and continued  playing clarinet and alto clarinet through high school.  During his senior year, he fell in love with the bass guitar.  He doesn't recall what peaked his interest with this instrument but remembers his mother buying him his first bass.  He knew he had found the instrument of his choice when he discovered he didn't want to stop practicing.  Kevin credits his step father for supporting him through his music endeavors and exposing him to the world of jazz.  He would also like to extend credit to his brothers for their endless support.  Kevin also resides in the Boulder, Colorado area


Echo Bay is very excited about the sound that they are developing. They feel the strength to their sound lies in their varied musical backgrounds of jazz, latin, R&B, folk, rock and classical music, carefully blended to offer the listener a fresh new sound.



You can also buy Echo Bay recordings locally at:
Borders • 1101 Hover St. • Longmont, CO • (303) 684-6446
Borders • 1 West Flatirons Circle Village #332 • Broomfield, CO • (303) 466-4044