Ed Contreras

A man with extreme musical sensitivity, Ed Contreras is one of the most in-demand percussionists in the front range. Performing on a truckload of instruments from every continent, he has added his particular spice and energy to over 30 CD projects in the last 4 years. Some of the projects included working with Chicago founding drummer Danny Seraphine in the band Lyric, whose album Chocolate Soup was released nationally 2 years ago. Other local artists Ed records and performs with include Dakota Blonde, Safe Harbor, Laughing Hands, Marcy Baruch, Mary Stribling and Combo Amazo, Runaway Express and Echo Bay. In 1993 Ed led a group of world percussionists to welcome Pope John Paul II to Mile High Stadium, and during the ceremony, his tympani solo was broadcast all around the world!

Visit Ed at enkcntrers@aol.com.




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